Sharon is committed to supporting the arts. Her clients range from playwrights to puppeteers, magicians to mimes, actors to artists. The stranger the better.  


Inspired by the astoundingly unique, the old-fashioned, the different, and the intriguing, Stranger Cinematics' mission is to increase viewership of art with a message that is culturally and historically relevant, and spread these messages via film to a larger audience. 

Sharon is based in Silver Spring, but her projects have taken her to Baltimore, DC, Virginia, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, London, and beyond. Her projects include:

  • Promotions of current and upcoming theatrical performances

  • Performance showcase pieces

  • Grant application video components

  • Web design accompaniments

  • Small business advertisements

  • Fundraising projects

  • Dual camera event coverage

  • Personal projects for clients (short films)

  • Dance for the Camera pieces installed in dance studios and malls