Grant Videos

When applying for a grant for a creative project, most organizations request a video component of the application to outline the mission of the proposed project or provide examples of past work, in addition to demonstrating the future project requesting funds. 

Through these videos, it's important the applicant's personalities come through to set them apart from the other applicants. The mission must be clear. A video is the best way to showcase your plans.

Here is an example of a successful grant video by Stranger Cinematics that helped award puppeteer duo Alex & Olmsted the 2017 Jim Henson Foundation grant.

In addition to grant videos, film is another vital way to locally raise funds for a creative venture such as a theatrical work, artistic installation, and beyond. Platforms such as IndieGogo and Kickstarter have revolutionized the manner in which organizaitons can reach out for support. 

A necessary component of these campaigns is video. The structure of these videos is unique for local theatrical works, as many of the donors are local and familiar with the work of a company, individual, or organizaiton, and can benefit from the campaign's success.

This 2014 IndieGogo video was a creative collaboration between the Happenstance Theater troupe to represent their many talents and their ability to be in a dozen places at once, while also requesting help from their mileu of fans so the company could continue providing art to the community. Filmed in a single unedited take, it captured the comedy and personalities of the company, as well as their need for support.