Video Marketing

With social media becoming the ultimate advertising tool, capturing the attention of an audience on their computer or phone is vital. Video is eye-catching and cinematic. It aids in creating a strong social media presence for a company or brand, in addition to advertising current or upcoming events or shows.

Depending on the attention spans of an online audience, Stranger Cinematics offers two tandem approaches to marketing. A quick preview reel around thirty seconds, and a longer promotional trailer starting at around ninety seconds and up. Each video can provide a different style or feeling to the show being promoted, and can help widen an audience base.

To the right is an example of this approach, with two videos from the same show, a shorter trailer and a longer one, each unique in their own ways and designed to appeal to different audiences.

Other uses for video marketing can be for touring shows nationally or overseas getting booked. Below are examples of standard videos for promoting children's shows designed for schools, parties, or events. They are meant to give a taste of the performance, style, and personality of the show and talent.

More examples can be found in The Archive